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The Level Up Club is all about becoming your absolute best self, for yourself, by yourself. It’s about creating a life that YOU really love– one that feels really good on the inside & also looks gorgeous af on the outside!

Following the tips from the ultra thorough Level Up Guide, ((you can think of it as The Official Bad B Academy)) you will transform into the sexy, confident, bombshell you were always meant to be. While you’ll be having so much fun in the process of building this new & fun life for yourself, so busy “doin you” that you won’t even be thinking about dating, you’ll notice that all of a sudden, you start attracting top tier men. The creme de la creme that you didn’t even know existed, begging to take you out and treat you like the Queen that you are… And I’ll teach you how to properly deal with Prince Charming & get one step closer to your Happily Ever After ((as long as you promise to share all of your juicy stories in The Level Up Club Facebook Group!)) When you become the best, you attract the best. Plain & simple.

This is the ULTIMATE guide for the Single Sis trying to catch a catch, but it’s also just as much for Miss Happily Taken, the Married Mami’s, and even the all the way Glow’d Up Gal ((after-all, we also need some coaches in our Mastermind!))

This is all about YOU! You decide what you want out of your level up. Just want to get a little cuter and a little slimmer? Learn a new skincare trick or two? Or do you want to SHUT IT DOWN, turn heads everywhere you go, and become a bombshell, serving looks on & off the Gram? There are levels to this ish. You can do as much or as little as you want– it’s your life, I’m just giving you the never before spilled resources to get you to from average // cute to HOT GIRL status!

The facts are in: all of us Millennial gals are on an eternal quest to become our hottest, fittest, most confident, charismatic, spiritually woke, maneater, bombshell selves– complete with skin glowing to the gods, a snatched waistline, envious wardrobe, fat bank account, that “effortless” soft-glam makeup look, shiny mane, gorgeous IG photos, and cute boys eating out of the palm of our hands instead of leaving us on read. What!? Like it’s hard…?

Confession: I’ve been stingy with my tips & tricks! While I love posting lil tidbits, I wanted to create a FULL, comprehensive “Glow Up Guide,” where I could spill the full tea about EVERYTHING in one organized place, that can be easily referenced at any time! A place where I could share all of my best kept secrets to my Basic Repellent besties, behind closed doors, keeping it all in our big, sexy family. So I took a break from my blog to dedicate my entire being to creating “The Level Up Guide,” which is essentially 100+ EXCLUSIVE blog posts for members eyes only! The topics at hand? We are DEEP DIVING into…

✩ MINDSET ((manifesting, law of attraction, visualizing, scripting, affirmations, goal setting…))

✩ BODY ((diet, fitness, intermittent fasting, the skinny legend meal plan, trader joe’s master list, hella recipes, “snatched by saturday,” quick fix & more!))

✩ SKIN ((How EXACTLY to become Miss Doll Face))

✩ HAIR ((All about Mane Attraction & haircare game changers!))

✩ MAKEUP ((My middle name: G-L-A-M))

✩ CONFIDENCE & FEMININE CHARM ((THE BEST KEPT SECRETS I’VE BEEN HOLDING OUT! The things that every single lady needs to know…))

✩ STYLE ((creating your signature style, how to dress for every occassion, budget vs. bougie))

✩ SOCIAL MEDIA ((how to take stunning photos, tips from the edit queen, curating your personal brand, walking you through a full audit & rehaul of every platform: your socials are your resume!))

✩ DATING APP OPTIMIZATION ((how to create a winning profile that will attract the men that you WANT! photos, bio, opening lines, and sooooooo much more…))

✩ MODERN DATING: HOW TO PLAY ((the new rules, playbook, meeting men out in the wild, finessing a f*boy, the art of the subtle thirst trap, what to do when you stumble upon a unicorn, every single tip and trick you’re going to wish you learned years ago!))

✩ THE FIRST DATE ((the step by step guide to make him fall head over heels upon contact & guarantee date number two!))

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Erika Garrett
Erika Garrett

She’s girly & glam with 100% chance of a spray tan. Boy crazy since birth. A diva in the desert, dwelling in Scottsdale & running around town with simple, housewife dreams for more years than she’s willing to admit. Until one day, she got the guts to chase her lifelong dream & she followed the yellow brick road all the way west until she found the place where the waves kissed the shore & she called that place “home.” In Los Angeles she found her voice. It’s a city of dreamers, but more importantly– it’s a city of doers. This place shook something up deep within her sparkly little soul & she finally realized that she didn’t need a city, a boy, a bag, or anything else to define her. She decided it was about damn time to take her destiny into her own hands, and get some dirt under those perfectly manicured claws. She is on a quest to create the life that she’s always dreamed of. Day by day, she is growing, learning, evolving, and becoming the woman she’s always wanted to be… On her own terms.

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